1. Objetive and duration

1.1 “HELLO SUNSHINE GIVEAWAY” is a promotional action promoted by YAO on its Instagram page (@yao.pt);
 1.2 It is intended for all individuals over 18 residing in mainland Portugal;
 1.3 The action takes place between 12:00 on February 26, 2021 and 23:59 on March 6, 2021;
 1.4 The winner will be announced on March 9, 2021;
 1.5 The winner will be contacted via direct message on Instagram and will have to provide information for the delivery of the prize. Prize will be sent by YAO.  
2. Giveaway and participation rules

2.1 Individuals must participate through YAO’s Instagram page – Young Adult Outfits, in https://www.instagram.com/yao.pt/;

2.2 Participation consists in following the indicated pages and commenting the post tagging 2 friends’ Instagram profiles;
2.3 For the participation to be valid, it must comply with the following requirements:
 2.3.1 Follow @yao.pt page on Instagram;
 2.3.2 Follow the brands’ pages on Instagram:
 - @merlyn.portugal
 - @cb.coracaobobo
 - @karuna.pt
 - @_recoffee
 - @pampas__
 - @urbanastudiolx
 - @tfdworld
 - @struts.lisbon
 - @lx3_clothing

 2.3.3 Make a comment on the post tagging two friends’ Instagram profiles members;
 2.4 The participant's profile must be public;
 2.5 The number of participations per user is unlimited (however, the profiles identified must always be different);
 2.6 Each entry will be considered valid only if it has been placed online between the period from February 26 to March 6, 2021;  
3. Prize

3.1 10 prizes will be awarded to 1 winner on Instagram;
3.1.1 The prize corresponds to a basket of products provided by YAO's partner brands, comprising:
 - 1 t-shirt form Merlyn
 - 1 bikini from Coração Bobo
 - 1 top from Karuna
 - 1 pair of sneakers from Recoffee
 - 1 belt from Pampas
 - 1 t-shirt from Urbana LX
 - 1 shirt from The Flying Dutchman
 - 1 pair of espadrilles from Struts
 - 1 swimsuit from LX3
 - 1 tote bag from YAO

 3.2 The winners will be notified via private message (IG), as well as through a story on Instagram @yao.pt on March 9, 2021;
3.3 After being notified, the winner will have 30 days to claim his/her prize; 3.4 The prize will be sent to the winner's address after indication;
3.5 The prize is personal, non-transferable and unalterable, and cannot be replaced or converted into cash or any other product and / or service. The prize money is non-refundable in monetary terms.  
4. Selection of the winner

4.1 One of the contest participants will be considered a winner, selected at random through a random selection program for Instagram comments;
4.2 If the winner does not claim the prize within 30 days or expressly refuses it, YAO reserves the right to assign the prize to another entry, selected randomly, and the winner is not entitled to any other offer or cash payment in replacement of the prize, as abovementioned in section 3.5 of these Terms;
 4.3 The data sent to YAO must be complete and true. The lack of veracity of the participant's personal data will implicate the cancellation of his/her condition as winner and, consequently, the award of the prize;
4.4 YAO is not responsible for the impossibility of contacting the winner or for the impossibility of contacting via email due to problems with the recipient's mailbox or any other problems of a similar nature;
 4.5 Offensive or inappropriate entries will not be considered.  
5. Communication

5.1 This giveaway will be shown on the Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/yao.pt/, YAO being obliged to follow the terms defined in article 11 of Decree-Law no. 330/90, of October 23, as amended by Decree-Law no. 275/98, of September 9.
5.2 The winner will be announced in a story on YAO's Instagram page and through private message to the same profile.  
6. Data protection

6.1 User data will be collected as part of the mandatory registration so that they can participate in the competition. In accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data, namely Law no. 67/98, of 26 October, and Law no. 41/2004, of 18 August, the hobby in question presupposes knowledge and acceptance of the following points:
     a) All participants accept that the provision of data is necessary and mandatory for the purpose of running the competition, processing entries, determining the winners and delivering the prizes.
     b) The data will be stored in an electronic file, guaranteeing YAO the necessary security means for their conservation and protection.   
7. General conditions

7.1 YAO reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel this contest, in case of force majeure situations, without implying any compensation to the participants.
7.2 Any participant who acts in bad faith, uses false information, thus addicting the hobby, or uses inappropriate content, will be excluded from it.
7.3 In the case of fraudulent participation, YAO reserves the right to exclude the participant and cancel the respective prize. Participations considered fraudulent may even be reported to the competent authorities and, consequently, subject to legal action.
7.4 YAO reserves the right to exclude from the Competition, without prior notice, all entries that do not comply with the terms of this Regulation and/ or participants who:
     a) Assume the identity of another (with or without consent);
     b) Use means that are not allowed by the present Regulation, namely, the creation of fictitious profiles;
7.5 YAO will not be responsible for any human or technical error that may occur during the contest process.
7.6 The administration of this competition is the sole responsibility of YAO. The social networks Facebook and Instagram do not sponsor, are not associated or have any intervention in the administration of the competition, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any situation that may arise during the same.
7.7 In the event of a situation not foreseen in the regulation, YAO reserves the right to make any changes in the performance of this competition and to extend or suspend it without any prior notice.  
8. Acceptance of conditions 

8.1 All participants in this competition implicitly accept the terms and conditions set out in this regulation.