ALBA YOGA arises in the middle of the pandemic, where all of us had to so unexpectedly adapt to a new environment and a new society. We intend to bring nature and mindful moments closer to everyone with our natural cork yoga products. All our products are designed and made in Portugal. Our brand is 100% CO2 neutral - it could not be any other way.


ARMAZÉM DAS MALHAS is a fair trade brand that produces in Portugal in a fairly manner and is constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce further their ecological footprint. By not using any components that may harm the environment and choosing the best possible materials for the products, the brand produces high-quality knitwear to pass onto the next generation.


AZINE FOOTWEAR Premium Footwear handcrafted in Portugal, for women who shine and follow their own path.


BALSAN is a project of love and dedication, for all those who come out with courage. Made especially for women who reveal themselves elegantly without prejudice and delicately confident. All of our pieces are thought to detail, including the most feminine design, the most comfortable mold and the best materials. Noble fabrics that accompany the delicacy of the confection. At each point and line is all our affection and passion.


BENTO CONCEPT is a 100% portuguese brand of espadrilles, in terms of design and production. The products are handmade, with natural materials - jute, cotton and leather - and handmade in the interior of the country. This Project, inspired by the Japanese mindset , transports us to something elegant and at the same time light, practical, comfortable .


BOUCLÉ was projected to reinvent the value given to the quality and usability of our goods. Versatility is the best adjective for Bouclé, with each piece being produced with recycled fabric, created to be used in infinite different forms, according to the each person’s personality. A brand that is rooted on sustainability and that delivers unique and high quality pieces, always conscientious about the future.


BREATHE SPORTSWEAR operates in a slow fashion policy, ensuring quality, transparency, ecological awareness and sustainable practices. They work with a small family workshop that receives a fair value for their work and where it ensures that all ideas are realized! The pieces follow a minimalist line and colors inspired by the nature that surrounds us, and the dyeing of all the pieces is also done through plants and mushrooms, all in harmony with the nature that underlies the brand's inspiration.


CAIA combines design and quality in a waterproof and easy-to-carry pillow 100% made in Portugal. Quality, comfort and design are the brand keys. The brand has expanded with accessories and in 2018 launched the first Swimwear collection based on the statement “less is more”. CAIA is for girls and women who want keep it simple but don't forget sophistication.


CARDUME wants to make history with the fishing tradition. Make clothes embroidered with stories of fishermen. Pieces for those who have the sea running through their veins.


CATARINA CATARINO wants to create jewelry to be used every day, anytime, intuitively. Versatile pieces which beauty and simplicity make them timeless.   


CATAU is a brand crafted and designed by the sea, in what is genuine and simple and that is, in what is purely portuguese and minimalist. Inspired by true elements like air and water, we designed our shirts in order to fit with our planet earth and its proper nature.


CORAÇÃO BOBO is a swimwear brand highly committed to solve one of the biggest headaches of the female public - minimizing tan lines. 


DCK is owned by 2 brothers and 2 cousins and supported by a family structure that every day does its best to provide you with the best quality, better looking boardshorts at a fair price. These shorts will allow you to #ENJOYLIFE without any worries!


DIVERGE delivers original handcrafted sneakers. They are so committed to focus on you that even our symbol (the i in DiVERGE) can be filled by you with something personal in the customization process, making each pair of sneakers truly unique, using only high quality materials.   


ENJOY THE YOUTH arises as a creative movement willing to diverge thoughts. Always looking to exceed expectations and established standards. It's assumed as a high-end street fashion brand with the purpose to find the link between impossible and unknown.


EQUADOR is a jewellery brand. The word by itself makes us dream. But, instead of being a line that divides, it’s a line that unites. It brings together those who love each other and themselves. Those who love nature and beauty. Each piece is carefully chosen to the smallest detail and the ecological footprint is always on our mind.


FLUYT results from the vision in which products and processes are seen as part of a larger picture. They use recycling and reuse, where most suppliers are local, ensuring socially responsible practices throughout the process, from the plant to the skin


FRAGAleiria is a portuguese brand designed and made in Leiria, which appeared at the end of February 2020. It aims to cover the age range from adolescence to adulthood, seeking to value originality, quality and sustainability. Originality because each model has few copies, giving each customer the pleasure of feeling unique. Quality because the brand is based on the premise of the incomparable Vivienne Westwood: "Buy less. Choose well. Make it last", an ideal that refers us to sustainability and the disuse of "fast fashion".


GOAT wearable culture is a clothing brand, created to honour and immortalise some of the places where the freshest hip-hop art was born. Working with certified partners has made it possible for GOAT to create clothing 100% organic in an healthy and fair work environment. We do it for the culture.


HUMBS is your brand of casual slip-on shoes. Crafted in Portugal, solely with premium and vegan materials, IT features modern designs with innovative functionalities in every single launch. Humbs also supports the community, with each pair purchased resulting in the donation of two meals to people and animals in need.


INVOKA is a brand that wants to “change the world”, born from the need to change consumption habits due to the impacts of manufacturing, with regard to clothing and its textile components. INVOKA uses 100% certified organic cotton in their t-shirts and hoodies and water-based inks for stamping. INVOKA is divided into two words: INVO (inverted meaning UFO) & KA (meaning divine/vital force of each living being). We present designs that are out of the ordinary and we intend to take you to another reality.


INSPIRAÇÕES PORTUGUESAS was born under the ideal of customizing spaces with a Portuguese touch. Thinking inside out. Facing towards what is ours, our roots, our people, our culture. Inspirações Portuguesas was born out of the necessity of materializing the Portuguese cultural heritage, as a distinguished brand.


IT'S OKAY® is a portuguese brand that praises individuality and cultural freedom of every single person. We manufacture meaningful products, in Portugal, that combine quality, sustainability at an affordable price. At IT'S OKAY® we do not judge or ignore our differences, instead, we celebrate them with pride, as they are what makes each one of us so special. Our goal is to positively influence others, reminding them the importance of tolerance, understanding and kindness. We believe that by sharing a small word big changes can happen!
Based on respect, self-love & love for one another. Wear it with pride.


KARUNA was born from the love for people, places and cultures. Every collection is inspired in a country and their first pick was not by chance. The stunning islands of São Tomé and Príncipe gave them the inspiration they needed. And together with their passion for life brought them to this concept: clothes made for an easy way of being, that can be worn in various ways and situations in all the four seasons.KARUNA work's to give you the best quality and comfort. Their purpose is to inspire you


KINDA SOCKS are 100% developed in Portugal in one of the manufacturing units with the most experience in the Portuguese market. The combination of cotton, elastane and polyamide provides greater comfort and durability. Our mission is essentially to create a positive social impact, bringing happiness to those around us. The entire choice of materials and packaging has been carefully chosen so that the environmental impact is less.


KOPAI a brand of chains full of personality with a unique characteristic: the same chain can be used for any type of glasses, mask or phone case! It works just like 3 in 1. All of our chains are planned by us and produced in Portugal with materials ranging from stainless steel, vegetable acetate and natural pearls. Get yourself chained up.


LX3 CLOTHING is a Swimwear Brand, designed and produced in Portugal. Assuming slow-fashion as the base concept, all the collections are made of unique and limited pieces that are not restocked. Most of the pieces are high quality and reversible so that they are versatile and timeless.


MARIA GÓIS is a dream come true! We try to be as fair trade & sustainable as possible. We know we have a long way to go but we are always trying to improve and doing our best. We are made in Lisbon, Portugal. The slow fashion way. What we want is that you love to wear our pieces and that you keep them for a long, long time. But, most of all, our mission is that you to feel like you have a je ne sais quoi that irradiates to the world. Because when you feel like that, you can accomplish anything! 


MERLYN is a brand established in 2019 by long-time friends, two college students from Lisbon, Portugal. They wants Merlyn to be all about comfort and lightness, a brand that could smoothly become a part of everyone’s lifestyle. They see ourselves in the fox’s ability to adapt to every environment and its spiritual symbolism of remaining flexible and welcoming of whatever comes next


MOOI is a designer hat company created in Lisbon, dedicated to creating high quality fashionable felt hats. All hats are handmade by traditional artisans who work in the business for more than 40 years. Our wool and felt body partner factory operates in accordance to the best practices in the industry.  


MY TRAVELLING SOCKS was born in 2019 from a deep urge to make travels part of our day to day life! We wanted to incorporate these small memories, picked up here and there, in something that could be carried around everyday. And what better way to do it than socks? We want to be your travel pal, be there with you whenever your feet wander.


ORIGEM has the goal of promoting bamboo as a sustainable, fair and affordable alternative to plastic. All products are fairly made and they reject that sustainable fashion should be a luxury! By focusing in what matters - your experience - they are cutting on ads and fancy paid partnerships to bring you a premium product at an affordable price.


PAMPAS is Idealized in the plains of Pampa in Argentina, Pampas is a Portuguese brand that was born in 2019 to bring unique, classic and timeless styles. Focused on leather accessories, Pampas has belts for Grandparents, Parents and Children, collars and leashes for dogs and also bags and necessaires for everyone.


PANAREHA is an independent sustainable men's clothing brand with the true spirit of summer. From our swimming trunks to our linen shirts and accessories, our collections take a cooler and more relaxed approach to summer clothing. Don't ask what summer is. He asks where the summer is. The answer will come with the sea breeze ... Our commitment is to create fantastic men's clothing with sustainability at heart. We brought together the best materials with the best manufacturers, challenging them to create more sustainable and long-lasting products that protect our planet's natural resources. Discover the world of Panareha.


PARDO ORIGINALS is a brand of throws. Portuguese throws that honor the quality and tradition of the Portuguese textile industry. 100% cotton throws, very soft and comfortable. Lambswool throws, similar to say: soft and warm wool. We are happy to warm you up.


PROA is a young brand that was born in the beginning of 2019. Inspired in front of a boat, commonly called “face of the boat” is the metaphor of our accessories that will help you to state who you are! All bracelets have a unique meaning, they are assembled by hand and carefully inspected.


RABISCO Atelier was born to bring you the most exclusive t-shirt you could own. With simple details, we believe you don’t need more to stand out. There will only exist 9 people in the whole world with a t-shirt that resemble to yours, but since they’re handmade your own Rabisco will still be unique. Hand embroidered and assembled in Portugal, organic cotton never felt so cool.


RE-COFFEE is a sustainable footwear brand that invests in transforming coffee waste into quality sneakers and a high aesthetic factor. We currently present a line of footwear - KAFFA, This line features a casual model that adapts perfectly to any lifestyle. and currently has 7 different colors available from Dark Coffee (Dark Brown), Coffee (Brown), Matcha (Green), Caramel (Light Brown), Red Velvet (Bordeaux), Latte Machiatto * (White and Beige) and Latte Pingatto * (Dirty White). The KAFFA line is the way that Re-coffee found to celebrate the origin of the coffee plant, and that at the same time makes the possibility of making the Upcycle of coffee grounds a reality


SILICA believes in living more of the world – more than hours, minutes, seconds, everyone should be reminded to live in every moment. That is ‘the different time’ experience recreated in a watch that will remind you to live now, without overthinking the past nor the future. Because to live a full life is to be immersed in the human experience.


SIZ is distinguished by allying Clean and Crafty, in an urban, casual and dynamic result, and explore fabrics and techniques in the name of creative and aesthetic freedom.


STRETS is a Portuguese brand created as an alternative for ordinary summer shoes. Handcrafted in Spain using the typical Spanish 'alpargata' techniques, STRETS are made in organic linen and biodegradable rope. Its differentiated design guarantees the best walking experience. Whether you are facing the everyday routine, walking the city, enjoying the coastline, or you are just feeling the unusual, there is always a STRETS for you.


THE FLYING DUTCHMAN was born in 2020 right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a spring in Europe when everyone was forced to be quarantined at home, we wanted to create a boundless killer shirt concept to star in the following summer, once we were allowed to go out again. Summers in south of Europe are quite hot and humid, so we followed the Indonesian casual tropical shirts style. 


THIDOLS (from T-shirt + idols) was born out of an idea: what if we could wear our idols – real heroes, people that have a positive impact in the world – everyday? Don’t get us wrong. We grew up admiring idols from music bands, movie stars, football players – all in the spotlight. But what if we also look up to inspiring people that are making a positive change in the world through their work? That’s our mission: to raise awareness and honor the work and legacy of inspiring people who change the world and make it a better place. We intend to stimulate civic and social involvement by our society in different causes and we’re planning to do it in a creative way through fashion.


UNNA WOOD is a Portuguese brand specialized in wood beach bats with high quality, design and variety. The 3 models with different thicknesses and weights are designed for different playing styles, from beginners to professionals. They are handmade in Portugal using pieces of wood and coated with high resistance varnish, which ensures durability with sea salt, water and sun.


UNREAL FIELDS is a bold, new venture - creating the new cool; footwear by creators for creatives, designs for the new league of modern women, the ones who are shaping the future - the executives, the changemakers, the thought provokers and the leaders. You know them, you are them. 


URBANASTUDIO was born out of a desire to produce clothing that allow women to be the best version of themselves in a fast-paced world. Our mission is to create timeless pieces that last a lifetime: minimalist pieces, with timeless design, combined with a transparent, fair and sustainable process. Slow fashion is our main pillar


VANILLA SAND is a sustainable beachwear brand for female and male Millennials, pioneering a better way to make and to sell sustainable products that empowers customers. Sustainability is our core since the first beginning. This helps us in this situation a lot, since people want to make a change nowadays.


VOKE is committed to implementing more earth-friendly and responsible practices. Our mutual passion for freedom, life, and the sea unites us. Inch by inch and seam by seam, Voke is pushing the boundaries of what is possible to bring you thoughtful pieces that are equal parts beauty, heart, and substance.


VRAAUU!  focuses on trying to create a new approach of mixing materials, colors, and textures. The aim is always to amaze people with each piece, making life beautiful and vibrant! The pieces are made with ethical and eco-friendly responsibility, and Vraauu! doesn't throw away any production waste. Instead it is reused in various ways to create unique upcycled pieces!


WHYPE was born to deliver high quality products that represent a relaxed and cool lifestyle. We want to inspire everyone to express themselves through our distinctive patterns. Proudly made in Portugal.


WILLIAM SOX are socks to be lived in, It’s something you can waste time on choosing or buying. Socks are the finishing touch of an outfit, they reveal a lot about your personality, and are a way to express your creativity and your lifestyle. Street life, hip hop, pushing the boundaries of style, conventions and lifestyle are some of the brand's values


WONTHER creates create pieces that celebrate the achievements and ambitions of real women, by using materials with well-known origins that respect human rights and the environmental impact. No human rights violations, such as child labor or slavery. Worksite conditions must respect workers' rights and safety. No money laundering or tax evasion - or terrorist activities. No harm to the environment. ​


ZOURI is an Eco-Vegan footwear brand made with Plastic Waste from the Ocean. A manifest of sustainability and fair trade with the selection of sustainable, natural and ethical materials, such as pinatex, made with pineapple leaves, certified organic cotton, hemp and linen produced in Europe and natural rubber. Hand made locally in a fair way in Guimarães.