FIJI Linen Shirt Blue


The Panareha FIJI is our view of a classic men’s 100% linen shirt. It’s made from the best breathable linen and you can wear it both over swimming trunks during the daytime or as part of a summer evening outfit.

Look no further for the ideal summer shirt. Linen shirts are the ultimate summer garment. They’re light, moisture-wicking and they lend a touch of sophistication to summer, remaining unrivalled for maintaining comfort.

The FIJI has a cool and relaxed look that can be worn on all occasions during the summer season. It comes in our summer fit, developed in between the slim and the classic fit, which guarantees the comfort and the style you want on a summer shirt.

It’s handmade in Portugal by the best artisans with our signature two pieces cutaway collar with removable stays so you can choose between a more or less stiff collar.

Branding comes with our signature button present in all our shirts on the lower chest.

Linen is an eco-material with a lower environmental impact. It's a natural and durable fibre which requires less water and pesticides to grow than cotton. It’s also anti-cling and anti-static.

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