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Cork Yoga Block

€11,25 €15

Get ready to elevate your practice with the all natural and eco-friendly cork yoga blocks.  

Yoga blocks give great support stabilising and aligning your body. They are also big helpers when practicing handstands and will bring the floor closer to you on those trickiest stretches.

And guess what? Once you are done with your practice, you can also use them for relaxation. You can easily sit on them during meditation, or for support in restorative poses.

Its rounded edges add comfort and ease in gripping. Made from 100% Portuguese cork, these yoga blocks are free of chemicals, latex or PVC’s. Cork not only naturally eliminates bacteria and germs but it is also very robust, so your cork yoga blocks will last a lifetime.  

Naturally sustainable: check!

The cork yoga blocks are available in two sizes to enhance your practice.

Large: 22,7 x 14,0 x 9 cm
Medium: 22,7 x 12,0 x 7,5 cm

Weight per block
Large: 0,8 kg
Medium: 0,6 kg

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